Straw & Industry in Slight Motion

Held the camera up to the passenger window and held down the shutter release until the camera stopped taking photos and had to write to the card. Caught this one and even though there is some motion blur, the composition was interesting enough to warrant working on it.

Which is a metaphor for myself. Hoping to sign a lease today on a two bedroom condo. Not skeezy. My personal network has really been amazing to me during this time. Here’s to looking forward.

  • Keltie Borden

    Lately I’m all about the roadside shots from moving cars.  I’ve gotten some amazing (for me) pictures along the highway on road trips.  I remember you wrote about a grid of orbs that you get when taking iPhone shots, though (like the ones I got in this shot:  Is there a way to avoid that?  I like them but don’t always want them.

    • blurb

      Upgrade your phone. The newer iPhone camera (iPhone 4S) doesn’t have this issue when you shoot at the sun.

      • Keltie Borden

        Oof.  OK.  :)

  • Hughes Cath

    I think it’s interesting how your images seem to reflect your heart … but am I placing my own judgements on them because of what you have revealed, or are you somehow attracted to scenes that reflect neglect or how your world seems these days?  My best friend is recovering from losing her husband to cancer.  She is in the depths of her sadness and I noted to her how all the images she chose to hang in her bedroom at her new place are isolated and lonely-looking (a tree in the middle of winter, a lone ship on the sea in a terrible storm, a path leading to sunset — with no people or animals in any of the images).  I told her that her bedroom images told me everything I needed to know about how she was feeling.  She looked around her room and said, “Wow.  I hadn’t noticed, but you are right.  I thought I picked them for their colors.”  But the images look very black and white (like Kansas in the Wizard of Oz) and I found it interesting that she saw grey as a color … Catherine

  • Karen Williams

    This question may have been asked and answered before, I don’t know.  I find pictures taken with my iPhone 4 are fuzzy or blah.  I rarely get one that I find decent.  What’s the best camera app to use?   I’m not taking photos that typically get edited afterward, just random snapshots.  I’m afraid that an upgrade won’t happen until at least 2013 (I think that’s when I’m eligible).

    • Keltie Borden

      Like you I can’t do an upgrade for quite a while but if you’re looking for something easy to use I did enjoy Gorillacam.  It has a setting for three-shot bursts and anti-shake and I quite liked those features.  It’s a free app that they are no longer updating but for random snapshots it’s pretty good.  Be warned; there’s no way to turn off the flash so under certain low-light settings it just automatically uses it which did irritate me.

      Hope that helps!