Sun on the Other Side

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Sun on the Other Side

We see the silhouette. On the other side of the shadow is the sun.

Daily affirmation: The gray will lead to spring. It always does. Unless you are in that book by Cormac McCarthy. That was kind of  a downer.

* * *

Boy do I owe my sister and her kids more than just dinner. I also owe my friend Jon a bottle of expensive libation. Most of the furniture that was delivered yesterday has been assembled. My delicate nerd hands are sore, but my place is looking ok. The walls are bare, but won’t be for long. I’m hoping to move my office later today and pick up the remainder of things I’d forgotten in order to do things like prepare and serve food, clean up afterward and hang up clothes. Also, clothes.

Internet and a sofa arrive tomorrow. I am getting there. Still not sure which way is up. If you’ve reached out to me about work, I’ll be getting back to you in a couple of days. Thank you all so much for your support. It means the world to me.