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Swim Herschel Swim: It’s Happening


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This is on. We are playing a reunion gig on July 14, 2012. We are playing with Stretch Armstrong, a band we played with damn near every Provo show from 1991-1993. That’s not to ignore the other two acts; Insatiable, another band we played a ton with back in the day, and 2 and a Half White Guys. To say that I’m excited would be an understatement. The last time I took the stage with the Herschel boys was 1995, a full two years after we broke up and about 12 months after we released the CD, Burn Swim Burn. I’m also terrified. A lot. I haven’t performed onstage in a very long time and I’m working on securing rehearsal space, a new axe (a rental or a hybrid made from discarded 1980s synths) and something called chops. I’ve done a single rehearsal with our original guitar player and it went much better than I expected in terms of figuring things out. The bigger issue for me is finding a decent organ sound and a decent piano sound. I can fake the synth sounds or resurrect my original keyboard that I still have from the founding days of Herschel: The Cheesemaster 2000.

Tickets can be purchased here. $12 pre-show, $15 day of. Looking forward to this.

  • Kristan

    Haha, awesome. Break a leg!

  • PandoraHasABox

    Ooooh! A Bastille Day show! Y’all will rock it! Plus, I’ll send you some of my birthday juju. All the best concerts I’ve ever seen have been on my birthday, too. 😉

  • Meg H

    I wish I could come! Have fun!

  • Aero

    Who made the flyer? It’s great.

    • blurb

      I don’t know, but I will find out. I love the illustration and type treatment.

  • Beverly Ingram

    Go Jon go!

  • americanrecluse

    No way. This is ridiculous! And wonderful!

  • Pixelfish

    If I were in Utah, I’d go see this. Alas, I am not. (Friend in college was one of the little sisters of a Stretch Armstrong dude. Utah is a small place sometimes.)

  • Sarah R. Bloom

    I am really really stoked for you. I wish I could be there to see this. Please tell me there will be video! :)

    • blurb

      I believe there will be video.

  • Nora Sawyer

    I keeo trying to leave ‘stars’ and the counter keeps going backwards (now it’s ar -3). So, lest you think it’s haters — it’s just a technically inept lady on an iPad. :)

  • Jeffrey Phillips

    Have you tried Apple MainStage? The B3 (from Logic, I think) sounds pretty awesome to me.

    • blurb

      It keeps crashing on the Mac Pro. I’m going to set it up on the laptop and see where it goes. I’ve also got a back up with the GarageBand organs using an iPad MIDI thing. At least I think I have a back up. I haven’t received the MIDI thing yet. Will keep you posted. :-)