The Old Salt Lake City Public Library

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The Old Salt Lake City Public Library

This building used to be the Salt Lake City public library. One Sunday my dad, in a bizarre change from the usual church schedule, insisted that we drive an hour and visit the library. At the time, he may have been on the city council and wanted to see what a modern library was doing; they had vinyl records! Headphones! Listening stations! An escalator! I listened to a bit of Tchaikovsy’s “Peter and the Wolf” On vinyl!

The Salt Lake City library was so different from our tiny library 60 miles north. At the time, this building was super contemporary and I felt so cosmopolitan exploring with my dad. That he bailed from church and spent some time with me is one of the memories that creeps up on me like a hug whenever I spend any time near this building. The building is now called The Leonardo and is a science/technology/art museum. I think they are going for a less neck beardy version of the Exploratorium. I don’t mean to bag on the Exploratorium at all. They are doing great work.

So. When I was on the photowalk, one of the stops was the Salt Lake City library–the new one that opened in 2003. If you pretend you were me when I took the above photo, the new library is directly behind you.

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