They Want You to Waste It – The “Right” Way to Spray Nasonex Nasal Spray

The Right Way To Spray NASONEX Nasal Spray

This is not exactly how my doctor told me how to do it. I’m thinking it’s because they are an evil pharmaceutical, purposefully driving up costs to users. Then I take the tin foil off.

Here’s my description of what my ENT doc told me:

1) Pre-nostril spray, make sure pump is primed to deliver the right dosage. You want a good squirt, not a half-squirt. This means you pump the thing a couple of times to get it ready.

2) Tilt head WAY forward. Look to Australia if you are in the Northern hemisphere, Alaska if you are in the Southern hemisphere.

3) Insert tip into a nostril and point it slightly toward OUTER wall of nose. One spray. Do not inhale.

4) Keep head down for 30 seconds. Your nose might drip. If your cilia are working properly, they will move the medicine through the nasal passage and distribute the medicine. Cilia rule, apparently.

5) Repeat for other nostril.

Wait 15 minutes and do it again.

After a couple of weeks, one shot per nostril should do the trick.

The explanation for this was that the medicine is designed to be absorbed by nasal tissue, not digestive tissue, so if you inhale it to draw it further back into the sinus area, you lose most of it down your throat and don’t get the right dosage to the right area of your body. Good luck and your mileage may vary.

disclaimer note: This advice is meant for entertainment purposes. Consult a physician. Do not taunt.

  • Lane

    well, let’s just hope it works for you.

  • Amanda

    You crack me up. Several years ago my dentist informed me that I was brushing my teeth wrong. If nothing else makes you feel like an idiot- that information will.

  • Yolanda

    Australia. Got it.

  • becky

    That’s so not the way they told me to do it. No wonder I’m still a snotty mess.

  • Jules

    Informative AND entertaining, as usual.

  • damit

    “if you inhale it to draw it further back into the sinus area”
    This is exactly what I have been doing. I do get some in my throat, and btw, it tastes aweful. But I thought the burning meant it was working. And I thought, wow that opened me up. Guess I was wrong.

  • sarah

    OK .. this is huge advice. I have no experience wtih Nasonex, however we have Nasocort which I assume is similar? (it is a steroid). I have never had this explanation, and indeed have been snorting the stuff up. Hmm.. that was a year ago and I all but gave up on the stuff .. but with this new info. maybe .. maybe next time it will work :)

  • leslie

    Ditto to damit (heh, that sounds funny) on the throat burning thing. Will try the BlurboMethod this evening…

  • Amy

    Hey kids, be careful with this stuff. My Dad got totally hooked on nasal spray. I know it sounds wierd but the stuff *is* addictive.

    Knowledge is power.

  • bre

    Cilia are amazingly important, for noses AND sperm. No cilia? No moving mucous and no babies. Crazy.

    Anyway, I hope your cilia are doing what you want them to! Feel better.

  • Jill

    What if you’re on the equator?

    p.s. hope you get answers from your CT!!!

  • Ken

    Have you tried Saline Nasal Rinse ( I use a product called NeilMed ). You basically shoot salty water up your nose until it comes out the other side. I was very dubious at first, but it really works well.

  • heatherbuzz

    I am also a fan of the neti pot. And I, too, was spraying the steroids into my nose the wrong way. Thanks for the tutorial!

    By the way, my office mate is a dedicated steroidal nasal spray user and she says she hasn’t had a sinus infection since, so hopefully that’s a good sign for you.

  • LindserAnnie

    I got addicted to nasal spray after I had re-constructive surgery on my jaw. I couldn’t go to sleep without it and had to have it every morning. I just couldn’t breathe without it because my mouth was wired shut and was full of contraptions that allowed little air through. I would say I now have a healthy appreciation of nasal spray. :)

  • emily

    i, too, am a failed nasonex user. (inhaled.) damn you, package insert!

  • Stu Mark

    First, thanks so much, will try asap.

    Second, hope you’re feeling better.

    Third, I say “Do Not Taunt Super Happy Fun Ball” a lot. That was one of the best satirical jabs at product lawyers ever.

  • Jodie

    Don’t forget to blow your nose 1st before this ritual, to make sure that no snot is clogging up your cilia! 😉 That’s the advice on my nasal spray.

  • dolface

    Hmm, I am a Nosonex-snorter as well, BUT it works!
    Maybe my sinuses (sinusii?) are more convoluted or something, because I suck that stuff up like a Dyson going after a bowling ball and it sems to do what it’s supposed to do.

  • Smitty


    Dare I ask … have you tried a neti pot? Rumor has it … their golden.

  • Kristen

    I suffer from massive allergies to nearly everything I touch and just the mere THOUGHT of spraying or putting something up my nose makes me shiver and gag. So when my doctor tried to prescribe me Nasonex, I refused. And now I’ve been using prescription strength Allegra on a daily basis for 3 years and I haven’t had a sinus infection in 2 of those years. Although if I do not take it at the same time day and night, I get massively congested.

  • lisa fischer

    forget the prescription meds people, NETI POT is all you need!! I posted some videos when we first got it! Family/friends think it’s gross, but if it helps you, who cares!

  • Heather

    I was saved by the grace of Nasonex. My husband doubted its magical powers until I told him it wasnt meant to lubricate his brain. Now he’s a believer too.

  • Cassie

    Failed nasonex user here too!! I gave up on all allergy meds and just live with it, now… you’ve inspired me to at least consider trying it again. And that is something.

    Thank you for the smile and the unexpected nose spray lesson. :-)

  • Julie

    Former Nasonex user, current Astelin user. If you think Nasonex tastes nasty, try Astelin. The stuff is HORRID. Hopefully this “wasteful” method will help and keep it from running down my throat. Thanks for enlightening us!

  • Melinda

    Nasonex is good stuff–but listen to the masses. Neti pots clean out all of your sinuses. The flight attendants I know swear by them to ward off sinus ick after being confined in airplanes with all of those germs. I used one during my last cold/sinus infection and it cleared it all right out. Just make sure you get all the water out the first time through–it was really bizarre feeling the saline water sitting in my sinus cavity.

  • Kandace

    Think it is hard to self administer?

    Try administering it to a 3 year old! Good Times!

  • Boulder

    Have to say, I’m breathing better already with the simple “look to Australia,”

    Thank you for the PSA, and for helping me to better stick it to the pharma companies.

  • tasha

    Nasonex sucks. You should try Veramyst instead.

  • Ang

    Hmmm, I’ve been using Nasonex for 2 or 3 years and this isn’t the way the allergy doc told me to do it. I also inhale it up (I’m pretty sure he told me to…but it was a long time ago that he showed me, so maybe not). I don’t even notice a taste, but whatever you do don’t lie down after you squirt it. Then you’ll taste it and want to puke. It works pretty well….but maybe I’m doing it wrong and that is why some days my nose is still like Niagara Falls. I will try this method.

  • jules

    Neti pot works! I’ve been using ‘neti potting’ for a couple of yrs and haven’t had a sore throat, cold or flu since! (I used to get sick every few weeks during the cold season.) It can be a little tricky to use, so keep practicing and you won’t regret it. Good luck and good health to you!

  • Dora

    Go to this link for Nasonex’ directions; also, if you use either the neti pots or simply snort salt water first (1 tsp salt mixed in 8 oz warm water, cup hand, pour some solution in hand and snort; do several times), it seems to help clear everything out! :) [And if your sinus’ are just clogged or your nose stuffy, spray with Afrin first, then snort the salt water–will really clean things out and can help prevent infections.]

  • Anne

    Who knew? I will try that. Also like neti pots, and the new under-pressure saline spray with the nasal nozzle (SO much better than Ocean!!!!).

    Speaking of Dr.’s instructions, my ENT in Los Angeles said to use Afrin thusly:

    two sprays in each nostril, then lie with a steaming hot wet compress covering nostrils, nose and eyes for 15 minutes, then 2 sprays each nostril again. Obviously this is not to be done but very rarely, during those horrible sinus headaches when you want to drill a hole into your head. After this, however, you can SMELL to Australia and you don’t hope for a speedy death.

  • Aimee Greeblemonkey

    the other reason to go to the outer wall? deviated septum.

  • Aimee Greeblemonkey

    And I am not sure how many times I need to preach Neil Med Sinus Rinse over neti pots.

    You do the sinus rinse first (clear out the gunk), THEN the nasonex (shrink the membranes). I am queen of this stuff. I can draw you diagrams.

  • Jennifer

    My doc gave me basically the same advice. Didn’t mention Australia, but he did say to remember, “Nose to the toes, veer to the ears.” Cute. He said the reason to veer toward the ears is because if too much steroids come into contact with your delicate nasal bones/cartilage it can weaken them over time. So you want it to go where it will do the most good. Didn’t know about the no sniffing rule, though.

  • Iris

    Apparently I have been doing this all wrong for the last nine years…
    No wonder I’m such a nasally mess…

  • Coyote

    Get thee to a Neti Pot. I know soooooo many people who swear by them.
    I was addicted to nasal spray AND Visine. Both create the rebound effect, big time, so you have to keep using them. To get un-addicted to nasal spray, I started squirting the evil potion in one nostril only. After some amount of days, the unsquirted nostril cleared up on its own. Then I stopped squirting the other nostril. Wishing you the best.