They Want You to Waste It – The “Right” Way to Spray Nasonex Nasal Spray

The Right Way To Spray NASONEX Nasal Spray

This is not exactly how my doctor told me how to do it. I’m thinking it’s because they are an evil pharmaceutical, purposefully driving up costs to users. Then I take the tin foil off.

Here’s my description of what my ENT doc told me:

1) Pre-nostril spray, make sure pump is primed to deliver the right dosage. You want a good squirt, not a half-squirt. This means you pump the thing a couple of times to get it ready.

2) Tilt head WAY forward. Look to Australia if you are in the Northern hemisphere, Alaska if you are in the Southern hemisphere.

3) Insert tip into a nostril and point it slightly toward OUTER wall of nose. One spray. Do not inhale.

4) Keep head down for 30 seconds. Your nose might drip. If your cilia are working properly, they will move the medicine through the nasal passage and distribute the medicine. Cilia rule, apparently.

5) Repeat for other nostril.

Wait 15 minutes and do it again.

After a couple of weeks, one shot per nostril should do the trick.

The explanation for this was that the medicine is designed to be absorbed by nasal tissue, not digestive tissue, so if you inhale it to draw it further back into the sinus area, you lose most of it down your throat and don’t get the right dosage to the right area of your body. Good luck and your mileage may vary.

disclaimer note: This advice is meant for entertainment purposes. Consult a physician. Do not taunt.