To PHP or not to PHP…

I think it’s time to migrate dooce to PHP. I’m conflicted over this like the worst Woody Allen character would be conflicted. I’m starting to utter yiddish and stare at the ground and shake my head.

I think there are some ways to do this less painfully… However, it’s going to involve server buggery and insanity. I’ve used PHP before, to great effect. The issue is that dooce has a TON of links from a TON of people. How then do we migrate without hosing all those incoming links?

It’s not over, baby.

Plus, dynamic archive page generation… mmmm tasty.

We’ll keep you posted on this little adventure. I haven’t even discussed this with Heather yet, but in trying to get the daily photo sidebar widget to show up on every page, updated as often as it needs to be, requires a rebuild that takes on average 20 minutes. It’s time for PHP. Am I ready? In the words of Jon Stewart, “Not so much.”