To the Internet: Chill

To the Internet: Chill

I know the New Year’s resolutions aren’t working out and we all spent too much on the holidays. So what’s the obsession with my baby girl and how she sits in her carseat? There’s a lot of other things going on in the world today, so Internet, what gives?

Leta is nearly a year old. She’s tall for her age and will not fit comfortably in ANY publicly available carset that faces the rear of the vehicle. We decided that because of her height AND weight, it’s fine for her to ride facing forward. She’s not near an airbag, and our vehicle has the LATCH system, which is recommended by everybody.

Every time we buckle her in, I check the LATCH belts and she is always secured at three points (two bottom, one tether on the top). The straps are taut. She’s buckled in as recommended and her safety is important to us. Most of the time, anyway. When we’re not doing stuff like this:

(sometimes I sign autographs “Joe”)

We had a pretty crazy scene here yesterday. I was driving out west of town with Leta facing forward in her carseat and the cops got involved:

I think they saw Leta facing forward in her carseat because they were driving like crazy:

But when the dust settled the cops just said that I looked kind of like the guy on the left:

Who, as luck would have it, has a sweet bobble head doll of his likeness on sale now.

Moral of the story: Car jumps with flames are sweet.