The Death of a Disco Dancer

What a day. And I wasn’t the one being interviewed by a major network’s morning show (name withheld at insistence of publisher’s lawyer).

I’ll let Heather talk about her day. God bless her for being “on” for 9 hours. But for me, the whole day was spent at work wondering if everything was ok (it was, but Heather was frazzled). Heather had unplugged the phone so Leta could sleep and she could be interviewed. I called the babysitter to see if she had heard from Heather and what the state of things were at home. Heather does not believe in having a cell phone, so I had to resort to a status report from the babysitter. God help us if there is a catastrophe. Yes, having a network TV crew in your house constitutes a catastrophe, but maybe not one in the biblical realm.

I arrived home from work early and was immediately in the hot seat. I had a mic wired up and was answering some intense questions. I don’t do TV so good. I tried to remember the advice that so many had given to Heather: Sit up straight. Talk in sound bites. Don’t swear. Don’t answer questions that make you uncomfortable. Anyone who has had more than 38 seconds of conversation with me knows that I don’t do “professional” well. I’m wordy and nervous talky and like to go off on tangents and use my hands. Plus, I look off into space as if I’m searching for just the right intellectual bullshit to spew. It’s embarassing.

Hopefully all of my stuff will end up on the editing room floor.

On top of the craziness of this day, Heather’s three-year old iBook decided, mid-interview and mid-over the shoulder camera shot, to die. The computer still works, but the video portion does not. Heather looked at me as though I had to pull every bit of tech ninja mastery to rescue her hard drive once the crew left or else I’d be missing one gonad. They were stoked because they’d get some shots on the auxilliary upstairs computer and thank God for that.

I’m copying the iBook’s hard drive as I write, via FireWire™. Pain. FYI, Heather has nearly 80,000 emails on her iBook. If she doesn’t reply to your email, BACK OFF. 80,000 people. 80k. On a three year old iBook.

I’m a little ripped on Pinot Noir (because after watching Sideways, somebody won’t buy Merlot any more) and wondering what our next iBook steps will be. I’m going to call Apple after this entry is published and see if we can’t qualify for the logic board swap program…

The TV crew were very nice, I have to say. Once we know if/when the piece will air, I’m sure there will be celebratory postings and more Pinot for all. And then we’ll feel ever so whorey and I’ll be super faggy about how I looked on camera and it will be an embarassment both to my psyche and to the the family. Chuck will lecture me about “owning” my maleness and not being a “pussy”. I’ll welcome this.