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  • unrise on bare trees by Jon Armstrong for

    Bare Tree, Morning Light

  • Smog and Silhouettes by Jon Armstrong for

    Winter Smog & Silhouettes

    It’s inversion time in Utah. That means the beautiful snow on the mountains is obscured by winter smog. Still, the…

  • Jon Armstrong - Blurbomat - Tree About to Wake by Jon Armstrong.

    Tree About to Wake

    A leafless tree in the morning sun and an update about my family.

  • 20130325-053319.jpg by .

    The Darkness

    I have a Hipstamatic problem. I can quit at any time.

  • image

    Morning Sun

    It wasn’t foggy when I took this. I’d put money on the lens/film combo as well as the angle of…

  • image

    Bare and Beautiful

    Only a few more weeks of bare tree season. Which sounds crazy. It’s March already. Technically spring in a couple…

  • image

    The Future is Blurred

    Hipstamatic. Decim8. Copilots during my inability to get back to sleep after waking from a dream.

  • image

    Black, blue

    Cold. Cold. The best moments of the day? When the girls and I walk in the door to the condo…

  • Clarity by Jon Armstrong.


    A very gray tree against a blue, but steely sky. Yes, its a damned metaphor.

  • Bare by Jon Armstrong.


    Almost winter sunset behind bare trees.

  • click image to see a larger version

    Barren Trees

    Shot taken with a Canon 5D and then tweaked to hell in Lightroom -> Snapseed and then -> Lightroom. Very…