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  • He’s Missing Mama

    He’s been following me like this for hours. I haven’t seen this much of him since 2008.

  • Veterinarian or Construction?

    Career day! One other potential career choice? Dog cosmetic surgeon. Chuck was not harmed during this mock spine replacement.

  • He’s in Heaven

    Also: NOT DEAD.

  • He’s not buying it

    He’s not buying it

  • The Former Congressman

    blurb posted a photo:

  • Watching and Waiting

    Watching and Waiting

  • Dog Interview: The Apple “Event”

    Everybody and their dog is talking about what Apple has in store tomorrow: Fewer people are talking about the State…

  • Early Holiday Gift: Woman v Tape

    So I bought one of those fancy pants new Apple Magic Mouse devices. I really like it. I thought Heather…

  • Chuck by Jon Armstrong for

    Chuck Weighs in on the Whole Twitter Thing

    I love my dog. I hope he never dies. And never stops having strong opinions.

  • Chuck dodges questions about healthcare town halls

    A sad day for democracy and patriots.

  • Chuck Talks About Marlo

    He’s very vocal. For once.

  • Dog Interview: Two State Solution?

    He’s getting more obstinate with the media.

  • Chuck Talks About Recent Judicial Developments

    The liberal media elite grill the former Congressman for a sound bite on Ms. Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination and the…

  • Chuck Talks About the State of the Economy: Auto Industry

    I sat down with Former Congressman Henry “Buck” Chucklesworth Hamilton Armstrong to discuss the state of the economy and how…

  • Hind Leg Confrontation by Jon Armstrong for Chuck and Coco go at it. Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Important Enough to Get Up On the Hind Legs

    Coco’s youthful energy will not let up on Chuck on the daily walks. She simply must continually go after him…

  • Our Furry Stoic

    The dog will sit like this for hours. Definitely Basenji. Best part of that Wikipedia entry: “In behavior and temperament…

  • Thrilled!

    And slightly terrified. I’ve heard that one kid to two kids is an easier transition than no baby to one…

  • Vampire Dog Goes In for the Kill by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Vampire Dog Goes in for the Kill

    Coco has been rolled (sans-Rick) too many times here and has HAD IT. Playing with Lightroom 2.0. Not bad, still…

  • Finally: Cococabra

    The whole time we’ve had Coco, i’ve been trying to get a shot of her in full crazy mode. Something…

  • His Favorite Time of Year

    Roastin’ time.