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  • Buggy by Jon Armstrong |


    Sometimes bugs are cool. Sometimes they give me the creeps.

  • Flower Macro | photo by Jon Armstrong

    Living and Dying

    June 2016

  • Open

    Only open when absolutely necessary.

  • Narcissus?

  • The Lone Berry

  • Tiniest Seeds

    November, 2015  

  • Macro of a Ginko leaf in autumn |

    Ginko Leaf

    These can be stinky. But beautiful.

  • Splotchy red leaf in autumn |


    Red splotched leaf.

  • Perfection is a Myth | Black and white macro of a flower, |

    Perfection is a Myth

    Monochrome, macro and make-believe.

  • Glass sculpture.

    Blue Fingers

    It's blue and made of glass. Also: cool.

  • Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

    Not my type

  • Flattened

    This is a SOOC that looks a little like a painting.

  • Mark the Spot

    Marks the Spot

    Sometimes the light hits the clichés right in the gut.

  • Autumn Leaf macro by Jon Armstrong for

    Fun with Macro: Autumn Leaf

    Leaf. Macro. Edited with an iOS app.

  • image


    I love how the drops of water were lined up on these leaves.Depth of field a little too shallow still,…

  • Filament in Glass by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Macro: Filament in Bulb

    Starting to really enjoy shooting with the macro extension tube. A relatively inexpensive way to play, using already owned lenses.…

  • Macro Dandelion by Jon Armstrong for - 2014, dandelion, Jon Armstrong, Jon Armstrong photography, macro, nature, spring


    This is one of the better shots I’ve done with the macro extension tube. This was taken without a tripod…

  • A Single Tear by Jon Armstrong for - Macro shot of a raindrop on a green leaf

    Like Tears in the Rain

    It was still raining with a light breeze when I took this. I couldn’t get the right angle on any…

  • image

    Hopeful Light

    Last summer I bought a macro extension tube for my Canon 5D Mark III. I’ve been playing around since then,…