Travel Day

I am completely beat after three days of listening to great music, walking slash running to band after band to get shots and dig.

Today I have to turn in the rental camera and then travel. I’ll have a recap post up soon with photos and such.

  • leesavee

    What kind of a camera did you rent?

  • alexlr

    From the exif

  • alexlr

    Sorry about that half post. From the Exif data on his Flickr page it looks like he was using a Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II. Quite a camera.

  • jdiettrich

    I’ve never heard of renting a camera – where did you rent it from?

  • minxlj

    I hope you guys had a wonderful anniversary. Heather’s post was beautiful, as always. Here’s to the next sixty years 😀

  • blurb

    @all, rental was a Canon 1Ds Mark II. Rentals can be found at any number of places, I used Adolph Gasser in San Francisco: Got a great weekend rate, hence the sweet camera.