Up the Inside Out

With all the recent activity, I’d almost forgotten to take any autumnal color shots.

This is a demon pod tree. Pretty, but evil.

  • Kristan

    Erm… So I know you have Drupal Hair right now (or RuPaul hair, as a commenter said, hehehe) but, um… I don’t see a picture? (Not here or in the RSS.)

    • Kristan

      OH WAIT there it is! Um. I swear those trees were not there 5 min ago…

      • Kristan

        Because you need another comment from me: I love this pic! It reminds me of the cover for Audrey Niffeneger’s new book Her Fearful Symmetry, but a warmer, fuller version.

        Also, am I the only one that thinks trees & branches, abstracted, look like veins in the human body?

        • blurb

          I see veins and dead people, too.

          We’re doing server crap. It’s a looooooooooong story. But hopefully has a happy ending.

  • meggymagoo

    O.K., I know you’re really busy and stuff but I would love to purchase this picture. I Love It. It’s gorgeous.

    Is it for sale?


    • blurb

      I’ll be adding a bunch of new photos to the shop! This one will likely be included.


  • cncampbells

    I cannot wait to buy this one. I have a tree obsession. Your tree pics are my methadone.

  • Amanda

    This blows my mind. Me too on the buy.

  • nessavay

    LOVE THIS. Great perspective and ohhh those colors. I heart autumn!

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