Verizon is Stupid

Verizon is Stupid

I know that others are and have been posting screenshots of broken interfaces. But this one hits in a very idiotic way.

It used to be that I’d email the odd photo from my cell phone to flickr. Sometimes I wouldn’t feel like naming it or having any text to go with it. No biggy, flickr had a default and I could count on that default. If I decided to give my email a subject and body copy, flickr handled it admirably (and still does).

Verizon, on the other hand, not only charges me to email the photo, it decides to add multiple paragraphs of needless marketing shit to my message, without giving me a choice. I discovered this after returning home from work yesterday.

Why, Verizon, do you have to try to own my photos that I have taken with a phone that I bought? Why do you think I would seek out cables and software to GET AROUND YOUR SHIT? Because you are stupid. Your stupidity isn’t going to make flickr users suddenly run out and buy Verizon phones.

My invoice to Verizon:
Advertising on flickr page: $5000, with $4000 going to flickr (even though they’ve been bought).
Marketing Consulting: $250,000, payable immediately.