Who’s Your Daddy Now?

Lordy lordy lordy. Would you look at the hair? Mine, I mean.

Thanks to Greg Allen for referring me to the Deseret News. I was extremely nervous they’d link to this site. Thank God they did not.

  • zchamu

    Awww! What a sweet photo! And great article. Nice one!

  • Jenny

    I love it! Happy Dad’s day. :)

  • seannarae

    from one Da to another…

    At the risk of waxing one of those 9-balls that dispense unrequested parenting advice, Jon, i must make mention of an infrequently discussed hazard of the almighty bjorn.

    some day soon, Leta *will* become strong enough, and Leta *will* become spunky enough, and Leta her legs *will* grow long enough where one day… you as a man… can no longer safely carry her.

    getting a baby-heel in the bells, while painful as you can imagine, may be one of the funniest things Mommy Anna said she’s ever seen. Da doubled-over with knee-to-ground in the crowded Holiday shopping mall with Baby Archie’s extremeties pouring out of the Bjorn.

    you have been warned. let Heather do the Bjorning after 6-months.

  • ehulett

    Great picture, congrats on the new camera!

  • Dave

    The other night someone asked WHY (referring to blogging)? It’s like reading someone else’s mail. It’s as if my site forced him to visit and everytime he typed in the url, he got zapped with an electric current.

    I think everyone’s enjoyed the child-rearing episodes you guys have had and probably have been able to relate to everything you’ve experienced because of their own kids: I know we (my wife and I) have. Thanks for sharing.

  • Chanelbaby

    I LOVE the picture. I love the obvious connection between you. Happy Father’s Day and thanks for 3hive!

  • the mighty jimbo

    i saw a woman wearing the same baby bjorn on the plane yesterday. blurb, you are such a trend setter.

    although i had to ask if her baby counted as a carry on.


    it’s a legit question!

  • Jeff

    Depends. Does the little tyke fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat?

    Happy Dad’s Day!

  • Kristina

    Great picture!

  • Sarah B.

    This warms my heart. I love that baby’s cheeks.

  • rowan

    nice idea. can you get ones for twins? double barrelled ones, one on the front and one on the back? maybe you should make one for adults, so that when you’re old and grey you can force your kids to carry you around since you did it for them.