Why Steve Jobs Kicks Ass

Exhibit A: This video snippet from Steve Jobs’ appearance at the D8 Conference from last night:

Nails the problem with why the notion of more “interactive” TV won’t work and contains, I think, one of the core reasons that Apple isn’t afraid to kill successful products and introduce something new to take their place. Sure, it’s a great business strategy, but it is also a great innovation strategy… You tear something down to rebuild it better than before. There are very few companies that do this in the world today. Most companies lack the vision and the backbone to go for it like Jobs does. Sure, there are great tech companies, but nobody has ever nailed why TV sucks (and the massive cultural shift needed to move forward) in such a succinct, great way. I’ve never heard Jobs talk like this and it’s inspirational to think that Apple almost died 12 years ago.

There are a bunch more interesting and insightful videos from last night’s session here.