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25 Seconds over Salt Lake City

Running super behind today, but wanted to share this image. Incredible sunset. Incredible people. Incredible view from the top of the LDS Church Office Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. 25 second exposure.

Feeling good about this one. Feeling good about a lot of things.

Affirmation: Open up to new.

  • Jackie Taylor

    That picture is postcard good! love it!!

  • Coyote

    Beyond gorgeous!

  • LeFiffre

    Great shot, amigo. Poster. Framed.

  • sarahdoow

    Wowee, that’s fantastic.

  • April Blankenship

    Wow, that is beautiful. You should be selling that to tourism boards.

  • AbolishIgnorance

    Bee-yoo-tee-full! I love the rich colors.

  • KA

    WOW!  That’s an awesome photo, Jon!

  • Kaitlin

    Hot damn! Those Mormons should be selling this image in the gift shop!

    So glad to hear you’re feeling good about things. Everyone deserves that feeling.

  • Gloatessa

    For a sec, I thought it was one of those time lapse videos. Stunning, Jon.  My only beef is the “click to get larger version” isn’t working.

    • blurb

      Should be working now. Sorry for any inconvenience!

  • Neeroc

    Love hearing you sound so positive. 

  • Jane Owings-Schaefermeyer

    I really, really want a copy of that!  Puh-lease find a way to sell prints.

  • TracyEA

    Just saw this as a cover story on Flipboard. Nice job! It is a beautiful photo!

  • Theresa Boisseau

    What a beautiful shot!!!  I have taking a photography class on my list of top 45 things I am doing this year and your photos are so inspiring…thanks!

  • americanrecluse

    Magnificent. There aren’t wows enough for this one.

  • nakedjen ?

    You’re making Utah look really good. I don’t know if I should thank you or not? 

  • Angeerah

    I love this.  Your photographs are making me homesick for a place in which I only lived for three years. 

  • Anne Stumpe

    I have been reading for a while but am not sure I have ever posted.  I had to today, though, to say this photograph is simply stunning.  All the best to you on this new phase of your life.

  • Amy Jacobs

    Jon, This is by far the best photograph you’ve ever posted! Seriously top notch, commercial quality work there buddy! Very proud of your progression! I think it’s very cool to see you on this path…making a way for yourself. I think…feel…this is the best thing that could have happened for you…for everyone in your life. Keep it up!! 

  • Malita Jones

    this is a pro shot for sure! love it

  • Jennifer Cafferty


  • Mindy Greene

    Wow, that’s breath-taking! Amazing shot!

  • Joshua Tusin

    You really did a great job with this one… rule of thirds, leading lines, color/saturation, mix light, starburst streetlamps… one of those times where “following” all the rules really was the way to go! A lot of the images that have stuck with me lately break the rules, but in this case it’s the other way ’round. Really wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing, for many reasons, but for one, wow does it ever show off the beauty of SLC… something that by car during the day definitely escaped my view!

  • Sarah @ The Strength of Faith

    WOW! Great shot – what did you take it with?

    • blurb

      Thanks! This was shot with a Canon 5D Mark II.

  • blurb

    Thanks, everybody for the kind words! 

  • Lilly O’Handley

    Those Mormons sure know how to lay out a grid…but you captured the true beauty in it!

  • Pam Gereau

    Loving the blue, purple and fuschia colors of the sky (and thinking you must know someone pretty special to get to be at the top of that building at dusk). 

    • blurb

      Thanks! I was extraordinarily fortunate to be part of a group of photographers allowed up. Jesse Stay (Google plus) is a social media specialist and was very helpful in making this happen.

  • JohnLeJeune


    Wanted to weigh in on this earlier but I was at Photoshop World.  You nailed the timing of the light and exposure on this one.  Lots of eye candy here.   Small aperture for the stars. Long exposure for subtle streaking. Crisp whites and blacks and the eye just dances around with all the color.  SLC is dressed to impress and she knows it, making every head turn as she walks into the room knowing every detail is well thought out and just right. We all gaze in awe.