A Glass Cleaner’s Nightmare

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A Glass Cleaner’s Nightmare

I hadn’t been to the 5th Ave. Apple store before. I wanted to go back in 2006 when we were last in New York, but other interests held sway. This past trip was so fast that we only had a few minutes to spare but I was able to convince Heather that we really needed to stop by and grab a couple of shots.

Of course the design is awesome. However, somebody has to clean that cube. I can’t imagine the pain. If you look closely, you can see some debris on the top. It was raining for a few minutes while we were inside, so you can see that as well. Kind of cool.

“They” also put down black industrial mats on the stairs to keep the stairs clean during winter months, which I did not know about and had wondered. How do you keep glass, spiral staircases clean? Custom made mats.

I did not spend more than 5 minutes in this store. It was packed like Disneyland. To buy stuff. Nutty. I love Apple and all, but that place was a zoo on a Thursday afternoon. I can’t imagine a worse way to experience a brand. It’s one of my least favorite things about Disney; they expect you to wait for a middling ride. I hope Apple isn’t headed in that direction.