Always making it harder than it has to be

The first examples I’ll share of making it more difficult are the following:

  • Moving from Los Angeles two weeks after deciding to move and in doing so, using a moving company that had to store the stuff before they could deliver it to Utah.
  • As an adjunct to this event, we neglected to think ahead and strap a lot of shit to the truck, Beverly Hillbilly style so we can drag it up to Seattle and then back down to Utah. We lost the wet rack from the Xterra because stuff just wasn’t fitting right.
  • Getting a new dog, buying said Xterra shortly thereafter and having to bring the dog to the closing of the purchase of the truck because the dog couldn’t be left in his crate for too long. Schedules need to be kept.
  • Deciding that I had to perform the procedure so we could conceive after moving nearly four tons of our crap.
  • Thinking that a doctor ordered attendance at a family reunion would “make things better.”

So a couple of weeks ago, we hang some new wallpaper on this site. Everything looks great in most modern browsers. Except Internet Explorer (IE) on Windows. Even on IE Mac the site was looking readable. But that god damn IE was pulling some weird shit. I wanted the navigation to start above the little inverted balloony thing hanging down. I got it to work, but doing so meant not side shadows if you visited with IE.

After finishing all the projects for the weekend, I finally had some time to sit down and try to troubleshoot why the side drop shadows weren’t appearing on IE. After many many many hours of my finest code fu, I tried a little experiment of going opposite. A sort of zig when the zagging wasn’t looking so good. One line of code. Twenty pixels. Done.

People, of IE land, YOU HAVE YOUR SIDE SHADOWS. More than that, is the feeling that I beat IE. To. A. Pulp.