I believe it’s time for a Constitutional Amendment that allows citizens the right to choose when it’s acceptable to be marketed to.

Evil spam lords claim First Amendment rights violations when people complain about spammers blasting out their shit, I should be able to claim some kind of Constitutional violation as well.

95% of my email is spam.

75% of my snail mail is spam.

Apple’s Mail is crashing on blank messages causing no end of pain.

I wonder if I can charge a marketing fee to spammers. They are consuming my bandwidth. How about we start at $50 an occurrence? Every time I have to click a button or erase a message, it’s $50, bub.

I’m also thinking about charging Apple a crash fee. I see way too many app crashes in Panther. I figure my productivity is worth $15 an occurrence.

Also, Microsoft deserves to pay me every time I have to open Outlook.

I’ve got a baby to pay for now.