Apple Tablet Predictions

Totally late to the game:

  • They are going to introduce a tablet device tomorrow.
  • Size: I’m going to guess a little larger than the Kindle 2 (Not the DX, the small one).
  • Design: I think that the bezel is going to need to be larger than the mock ups I’ve seen. Holding a Kindle as a reader, a large bezel is a necessity.
  • The OS will be the iPhone/iPod Touch OS. Makes app management and selling content super slick and easy.
  • I’ll guess 32 GB of RAM.
  • I doubt they’ll introduce multiple sizes tomorrow.
  • It’s still not going to help Marlo get enough nap time during the day. Have to wait on the next revision.
  • It is going to smoke the Kindle.
  • I’ll want one in the first 5 seconds, then not want, then want, then not. This will drive Heather crazy.

We’ll see. What do you think is gonna happen tomorrow?