Are you ready for some football?

Who is watching the US Vice Presidential debates? Who can’t wait? Who is terrified?

Who is going to screw up the worst?

7 pm MDT: We are live. Hopefully watching the HD version of the debate. Leta is stoked.

7:02 pm MDT: Leta: “I can’t hear myself. It’s too loud!”

7:04 pm MDT: Biden is speaking. Making sense. Palin is speaking. Playing the soccer mom card instantly. Used folksy word: “betcha”. Also mentioned the GOP calling card: FEAR. Split screen… obviously being used to make one or the other look bad.

7:08 pm MDT: Biden repeats talking point about McCain’s gaffe regarding the sound fundamentals of the economy. I think I’m going to take a drink every time “John McCain” is said by either Biden or Palin.

7:09 pm MDT: Palin: “Darn right”. “on that”. “hockey moms”. “joe six pack”. Calling for strict oversight. Seems like a bit of a policy departure for the GOP. Biden is winning the John McCain war.

7:13 pm MDT: Biden still winning the John McCain war. Palin: “Darn right.” “Kill jobs.” She’s not doing that bad. Biden is turning it up.

7:15 pm MDT: Palin is getting worked up. Awesome.

7:16 pm MDT: Taxes. Biden is looking right at the camera. Palin talking about distribution of wealth and millions of small businesses making above $250,000 a year getting hit hard.

Switching to healthcare. Palin just used the words “budget neutral”. Also just referred to the federal government as “the feds”. Half of Utah just fainted with delight.

Biden brings up the McCain $5,000 healthcare credit. Biden just dropped a good one: “That’s what I call the ultimate bridge to nowhere.”

7:23 pm MDT: Time for Leta to go to bed. She’s burned out on politics tonight.

7:44 pm MDT: Ok. Back. Leta has advanced to Fox on Socks. The words are a little more difficult to read. Leta did not mention John McCain, soccer, hockey or awesome. She did not wink, either.

Palin favorites so far: “Toxic Waste on Main Street”.
“But also.”
“Goin’ on.”
“We’ve got to clean up the planet.”
Wow. Word salad-or-rama from Palin. She just hit every bullet point in her prep deck on global warming.

Biden: Not really addressing Palin at all. Attacking John McCain’s record. Also.


Palin’s diverse friends: The Gays.

Dude. I should be taking a drink everytime “John McCain” is mentioned.

Have finished dinner wine. Switching to something more appropriate. Hot Damn.

Palin should not look down to read her notes. Split screen not doing either candidate any favors.

This whole “debate” is one giant non-sequitur. As is this post.

Nuculer weapons discussion from Palin. Yee HAW! I’m convinced that Palin is a circular breather. She can talk while inhaling and then gradually exhale while continuing to speak. It’s remarkable.

Biden is doing better than I thought he’d do. Palin hasn’t seemed to answer a question from the moderator. Must be the liberal media at work again. Biden just said “Bosniacs”. AWESOME. HOT DAMN!

Sadie Hawkins vote win? Palin.
Answering no questions at cheerleader tryouts: Palin.
Awesomely avoiding Biden’s amazing personal moment: Palin.
Mavericky Maverickness and Winking: Palin.
Platitudes: Palin.
Mom: Palin.

Question: Is Palin our Oil Mama?

Biden is actually being inspirational. Hell yes.

Ok. Who do you think won?