Old City, New Streetlight

Old City, New Streetlight
October 2, 2008 Jon Armstrong
Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Old City Knoxville, New Streetlight

I love the design of this light. Clearly newly made to look old tymey, but not too cheesy. Kind of wished I’d had the 5D on a tripod with the 70-200. Still, not bad for the G9.

I did a test using Aperture 2 and Lightroom 2 on these shots and I loved the results I got inside Lightroom over Aperture. I don’t know if that is always the case, as I’ve been pretty pleased with Aperture thus far.

One day, I’ll probably have 50 or so shots of streetlights and I’ll do a retrospective when I’m 63 that just shows the streetlight shots.

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