Clogs in 1916

From clogs to the dignity of boots

Thanks to reader Sean for sending this one in. Sure to be a Guardian classic.

September 5, 2006 Link

  • Anna

    Dang! I saw a pair of clogs on a popular celeb the other day and I meant to send it to you the blond kicked in and I can’t even remember who it was that was wearing them, let alone WHERE I saw them!

    If/when I remember I’ll send it to ya. Assuming the blond wears off sometime in the near future…

  • Anna

    I remembered! It was Rosie! A Bush hater and clog lover. I think that she and I would be best friends.

  • Birchsprite

    Right, there is something very weird going on over here in England. I reckon that You may have had something to do with it. Ever since this whole clog wars thing started, I have noticed more and more crocs appearing on ordinary british feet. To begin with I thought I was more hyper aware than usual. But now I am seeing huge stands of crocs…….WHERE THERE WERE NO CROCS BEFORE! They are everywhere…everywhere I tell you.

    So my question is…..

    How the heck have you managed to infiltrate Great Britain?

    What is going on?

    (yeah I know there are two questions)

  • Lauren

    i love rosie, too anna … i think it’s cool she has a blog. some celebrities have blogs that are more like ads for themselves. she just talks about what’s going on in her life like a normal person.

    jon – i have the perfect christmas gift for you to give heather – it brings style to the croc!

  • minxlj

    Birchsprite, I’ve noticed the same phenomenon. But never fear, the miserable, wet and cold British weather will prevail, and the crocs will die. A friend of mine started wearing them a few weeks ago, and after the amount of laughter the crocs caused, and the fact they made his feet sweat, he decided to stop wearing them. Humiliation does great things 😉

  • katieaubergine

    Another clog lover here…and I totally want to change my name to Mrs. Bracegirdle. Can you imagine what they’d do to her in Hollywood today? She’d be Anna Brace or something equally as boring.

    Proud to say I convinced my elderly, diabetic grandmother with the bad feet to give crocs a try – she’s now a clog convert!!

  • Kristen from MA

    Jon, dude, you need to get the ‘Conservative Desparation’ post off the page. have you seen the links in the right hand column?

  • justajill

    I think you should see something. I was astounded at the commitment and it might rival your own when it comes to THE CLOG.

    I think it may useful aresenal in your corner.

  • phoeber

    Clog Army marches on!

  • Aimless

    I can’t find any photos, but Terrell Owens was on Dateline a month or so back plugging his book and he was sportin some black Croc clogs.
    You can watch the video. It shows his feet at the beginning.
    I am not a TO fan, therefore I am unsure of his worth to the clog army. I will offer my son up as a member. I just bought him a second pair, camo Airwalk clogs from Payless.

  • Nickie

    Crocs are finally hitting London!

    from the Daily Mail (

    The Big Brother presenter was also sporting a pair of bright pink Crocs clogs – the latest fashion must-have which other celebrities including Desperate Housewives star Terri Hatcher have been snapped wearing.

  • Piglet

    You have totally started a revolution of “those people that wear clogs”. They are all over the place. No shite.

    If you have this kind of power with clogs, I wonder what you could do with our Government.

    Dooce would have to consult you of course, seeing as she is the valedictorian of everything.

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