Devoted to the Best

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Devoted to the Best

Spotted this on North Rampart in New Orleans while walking hurriedly back toward Canal Street. I believe it’s the Saenger Theater. I had the 85mm on the camera, so to get the marquee and the statuary meant some sacrifices. I have four frames of this building; the above image is the only one in landscape orientation. Here’s the best of the portrait oriented shots:

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Moral: stop and let people go ahead if you find something interesting to shoot. I really think that I could have spent another 3 minutes and gotten a much better shot. This is the hardest lesson I continually need to learn. In 180 seconds, I can catch up with any group. I can’t take a better photo once I’ve walked past the subject.

One other lesson is that I clearly need to capture about three times more images than I have typically captured when I travel. Getting there.

Daily affirmation: Don’t give up on yourself, buddy. Stay with it.