Faroe Islands, Suðuroy

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Faroe Islands, Suðuroy

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On Monday, we hopped on a ferry for a 2 hour ride to Suðuroy, the southern-most island of the Faroe Islands. I got a little queasy and found a spot on the ferry for a nap. But not before grabbing a few shots:

On the deck of the ferry to Suðuroy, Faroe Islands. Jon Armstrong for Blurbomat.com

Clouds hovering close. Shot from the deck of the ferry to Suðuroy, Faroe Islands by Jon Armstrong for Blurbomat.com.

Unusual clouds on the ferry to Suðuroy, Faroe Islands.

Once on Suðuroy, we were met by a tour guide, Mortan Holm, who navigated us through every village on the island and did so in about 6 hours, including lunch. The weather was mostly cloudy with some rain, not as bad as Saturday on Vagar, though. Our first stop was near Froðba, where we saw one of the most insane boat ramp setups I’d ever seen.

A long boat ramp and boat houses on Suðuroy, Faroe Islands.

Very steep boat ramp with rollers, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

The surrounding coastline is beautiful, with a nice cove:

The clay layer erodes more quickly than the stone aboe and below. Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

If you look closely, you should see a red band in the rocks. This is a clay layer:

A few minutes from the previous image and the light has already changed. Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

The clay layer erodes more quickly than the stone and contributes to the unique formation of the cliffs:

The red layer of clay in between basalt on Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Mr. Holm shared stories of waves crashing above where we were standing, including up to this boathouse:

Image of a damaged boat on Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

After I took a million shots, we drove on the high road and from the way back, I was able to grab some nice landscape shots:

Cloudy, but light, from the high road on Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Clouds envelope the mountain top on Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Looking up the coast near Akraberg, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Taken from the back of a moving car on Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

At our lunch stop, we visited a local design studio that was in a former fish packaging and shipping loft. The walls were covered in inked letters, words and abstract shapes:

Ink from old fish packaging prints applied to bare wood. I was told it has been there for decades. Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

After lunch we drove along some high roads and pulled over to look at the evidence of volcanic compression:

Another look at the volcanic forces that formed Suduroy, Faroe Islands. by Jon Armstrong for Blurbomat.com.

You can see the compression in the stone on Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

And then on to the lighthouse at Akraberg:

Akraberg, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

The cable to guide the keeper to the lighthouse is about 1.5 - 2 inchese in diamter, fed through wooden fence posts with a wood top beam shielding the cable the last few meters to the lighthouse. There was a hurricane in 1988 that was so severe that the family who lived in the house moved away. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akraberg

Radio tower near Akraberg, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Don't recall if this is an outhouse, shed or storage building. This sits atop the cliff near Akraberg, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

We stopped at several churches, this one featuring a statue, Christus:

State church statue, "Christus" behind the baptismal font. Fámjin, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Steel cross in the church gate at Vágur, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Mormons are familiar with a replica of Christus at the visitor center in Salt Lake City.

A couple of random shots, one a slippery boat launch and the second, red steps from a school next to the World War II museum on Suðuroy:

Low tide boat ramp meant unsure footing on this boot ramp on Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

Near the WWII Museum in Vágur, Suduroy, Faroe Islands.

There are still more photos to come from this trip.