Gold and Green

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Gold and Green

Near Bryant Square park.

* * *

I’ve loved sharing these autumn images because of the personal symbolism. As winter slowly ends and spring approaches, I’m feeling an energy boost unlike anything I’ve known. Energy drawn from possibility, effort and pushing myself. I’ve done a lot of personal work with help from a therapist this year. It’s paying off. Old habits are hard to break, but I feel that changing as well. Each day I remind myself:

  • Progress not regress
  • Look with open eyes
  • Sit with what you see before acting
  • Outwardly express the positive
  • Joy is present always; stop, breathe and find it in the moment; it’s ok to feel good, I deserve it
  • Control myself not others; Let go; No, really let go
  • There will be a personal win today; pay attention for it and acknowledge it

It may seem cheesy and self-helpy. But practicing positive thought and not denying my worth has made an enormous difference in my life. I’m convinced that once I allowed myself to feel good, I started to really actually feel good. I’m still working on all of this. I will always be working.

Yesterday, I caught this article by Jonathan Mead about not pursuing happiness:

We end up missing out on lots of thrilling life experiences and contentment because we fail to understand a very simple but easily overlooked fact…

The Search for Happiness Causes Misery.

You can’t find something that’s already here with you. Happiness exists in this moment. It’s not something you need to find. That’s like trying to find the oxygen you’re breathing right now.

And that is exactly where I’ve tried to live; finding happy right now, in this exact moment.