Heather in DC – the Links post

Here’s the local paper (Salt Lake Tribune; their DC reporter was in the breakout room):

‘Dooce’ talks health care at White House

Michelle Obama’s opening remarks:

Heather’s breakout panel:

The President’s closing remarks:

I’m so damn proud of Heather I could burst!

  • greystreetgirl

    This is so cool – congrats to you both on the outstanding accomplishment….

    BUT, I couldn’t read the article because the first word is “Utahn”! Shouldn’t it be Utahnites or Utahnians? Utahn just seems so wrong!!! I think they just should have said Salt Lake Citian. That makes way more sense….

  • minxlj

    This whole thing is so…well, awesome! Brilliant that Obama is highlighting these issues and bringing together people to discuss and resolve it. Can’t wait to see the video of Heather. What does Leta understand of the whole thing? Very proud for you guys!!

    • blurb

      Leta knows who the President is but she’s just starting to watch the news with us. Leta is most interested in the weather right now. :-)

  • nobody

    Flexibility through Regulation!

    It is flexibility for _you_. It is less flexibility, much less, for someone else.

    You are perfectly capable of taking care of yourselves. Why make yourselves beholden to anyone else?

    • blurb

      The Straw Man Cometh.

      You and I both know that regulation, on its face, is not bad. Better get used to these sour grapes.

      I should know, I ate them for eight years. 😉

  • Lucy mom

    I am currently on medical leave (I work for one of those flexible employers) so I was able to watch the entire forum… I had four colleagues participating in different breakouts so I was bouncing around the breakouts to catch them and other folks I know. I did see Heather but didn’t catch her speaking unfortunately. You are right to be so proud she was included in this historic event. Finally, we have ladership that understands how important it is to be able to succeed at work and take care of our families at the same time.

  • Rich

    OK, my burning question; Did Heather purposely sit on that side in the front row to get to shake the President hand when he came down? And, did it work?
    Very cool that she got to go. You gotta be a proud spouse.

  • Summer

    This is great. I’m excited for you on a lot of levels.

  • Lesley

    Having watched all three videos, I want to climb the rooftop (again) and shout “THANK GOD, THE DEMOCRATS ARE IN POWER!”

    Articulate, open-minded, inquisitive, good at listening, innovative, educated, enlightened and articulate is a huge change from the bush-clearing, lazy, idiotic, heckovajob, criminal asshole that used to (and I still can’t believe it) be President.