How To: Cook and Eat Edamame

We shot this about six years ago. It’s taken that long to compile the 300 hours of footage and do the script doctoring that a production of this magnitude requires.

You’ll note a few things:

  • my hair is post nap
  • my hair and Coco’s hair: matching
  • Heather’s pronunciation of “Jon” is something I hear about 30 times an hour; I’ve developed selective hearing
  • Leta had a very minor meltdown involving the snap-out portion of her princess magnets; not the magnets themselves, the snap-out holder thingy which I mended with tape, which no amount of reshooting or doctoring could fix
  • mind-blowing special effects

There is audio, so you might want to adjust your speakers and or headphones.


How To Cook and Eat Edamame from blurb on Vimeo.

UPDATE: The opening track is “Ascension To Virginity” by Dave Grusin. The closing title track is “What R We Stealing” by David Holmes. Both are on the Ocean’s Twelve OST.

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