Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Knoxville Water Works

Knoxville Water Works

Taken near the University of Tennessee Knoxville campus during my recent visit. I’ve got a ton more to share and I’ll be doing that here as well as on flickr. I plan on selling a few, so I’ll keep you posted.

I’ve got a short recap post coming.

  • skh

    I live in Johnson City! I was wondering if you were out west in Nashville or elsewhere in TN. I could have bought you a beer.

  • MonicaC

    <– Also in Knoxville. They do take that Power T Orange VERY seriously. Especially if you are in town for the home opener, as it sounds like you were. I hope you enjoyed the resulting traffic nightmare that is a game day combined with closing the roads. It’s probably a good thing they lost. It’s even worse when they win and no one takes the orange off the whole following week.

    There are some great buildings downtown – especially around campus and old city. I look forward to the shots. It’ll be interesting to see what you saw.