LA Trip Day One: Travel Klutz

LA Trip Day One: Travel Klutz

Yesterday very early we left Salt Lake and flew to Los Angeles. You’ve likely already read the reason why. Yesterday was one of those days where if you did a biorhythm chart for me, it would be critical.

Since we are technically on vacation, starting from the minute we are alone in the house without the kid and the dog, my energy is lowered. No need wasting energy because we planned well and aren’t rushing through the airport.

Heather was more amped than I’ve ever seen her. She practically ran through security (the lines weren’t bad) but I don’t do that ever. I don’t want to move too quickly around TSA agents and/or people who may be armed. I want to be fast enough to not slow down those that follow, but not so fast that I’m frazzled. I forgot to take off my flip flops and belt, both of which caused delays for Heather, and I was reprimanded repeatedly where a normal eye-roll would suffice.

We had plenty of time at the gate and Miss Twitch, who would normally be passed out and clamoring for a chair to sleep in, was wide awake and willing tme itself to speed up so she could get back to her L.A. Heather has a strong will, people.

We flew on one of those smaller commuter jets that you walk on the tarmac to board, which I kind of like. It feels like a throwback to olden days when air travel meant walking outside and everybody drank booze from deco decanters.

Upon arrival, while walking across the concrete, I dropped my laptop bag onto the concrete. The bag is a departure for me. Usually I travel with a wheeled laptop bag but I’ve wanted to try something more compact and my little one shoulder pack with neoprene sleeve is nice and all, but the drop, from at least three feet, really dorked my primary machine:

Dropped My Laptop Bag

I dreaded opening the bag all day and tried to delay discovering whether or not I had killed my machine.

The lid doesn’t close right and the CD/DVD drive slot is ganked on the right side so badly that a disc cannot fit. The machine runs, but won’t go to sleep when the lid is closed (forcing a manual sleep or shutdown). The screen is fine, but when the laptop is on a flat surface, it wobbles back and forth. I’m wondering what my options are and if anybody has had a similar situation with a Mac laptop, what you did to resolve it. I don’t know how much it would cost to repair the case and correct the chassis, so I don’t know if a repair is even worth it at this point.

On the plus side, we rented a car that is definitely very L.A. and makes my penis smaller. I’ve nicknamed her Compensation or Great Pumpkin.

Last night we saw Wilco deliver an amazing set. The sound was better here than it was at Bonnaroo, but the video work at Bonnaroo was far better. I’m rapt by the work that Nels Cline is doing with Tweedy.