Life at the Edges

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Life at the Edges

I’d love to say that I got lucky with the light, but it’s more than that. When I was editing this, I was struck by how clean all the ends of the branches are. That’s all about the Zeiss. Sharp as hell and amazing detail. While I love my Canon lenses, all of my recent autumnal tree shots have a lot of aberration and loss of detail, even at smaller apertures. I did some tonal work on this, but that’s about it. I think that the manual focus has something to do with getting such a sharp and detailed image.

As much as I’d love a couple of the lower priced Zeiss lenses, it will be awhile before I can swing anything in the Zeiss family. This is like the first time I played a Hammond B3. I pushed the volume all the way and the instrument changed. The sound was richer, harder and more powerful. It wasn’t just volume. The character of the sound changed. Likewise, my camera has changed by using a super sweet lens.

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Affirmation: I will sit with it.