Movember 2011 Shave Off: It Is Done

Movember 2011 Shave Off: It Is Done

As part of Movember, 2011, I am part of a larger team of dad bloggers and writers. We’ve raised a bunch of money as a team; $19,036 as I write. Thank you to all of you who donated! It’s been really amazing to be a part of something like this instead of being behind the scenes with my day job. On top of the money the team raised, Philips Norelco ponied up an extra $15,000 and donated a couple of sweet bits of kit to aid with the removal. I was sent a beard trimmer (QT4070 Pro Vacuum stubble and beard trimmer) and a sweet electric shaver (1250XCC Jet Clean Electric razor GyroFlex 3D Shaver). The last time I shaved with an electric razor was sometime in the 90s. I had a previous version of the Norelco rotary shaver, but as my facial hair experimentation impulses expanded, I abandoned the Norelco for the Mach 3. E.g., Experimentation Phase II:


I was nervous about what would happen to my head neck and face areas if I touched it with an electric razor. I didn’t need to worry.

The GyroFlex 3D is a wet and dry shave machine. So I could lather up in my usual style and shave in more comfort than I’ve ever known. Heather documented the removal:

Many of the other dudes from the team have posted videos of their mustache removal as well, seen aggregated here on the Stachetacular Shave Off.

I’m digging on the kit and will shave for a few more days until I’m mentally ready to start my winter polygamist/technology wizard beard, 2012 Edition. If you are looking for gift ideas, there is a rebate and a 45-day money back guarantee on the SensoTouch. If you donated this year to Movember, thank you thank you thank you thank you! My prostate thanks you and the prostates of others also have asked me to extend a thank you.

I’m not an actual lawyer, so that’s not legally binding.