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The depth of field, even at ƒ/16, was so narrow that my breathing changed the focal plane. I’d forgotten that macro lenses do that. I think, prior to the trip to Moab at the beginning of the month, that the last time I shot a manual focus lens was probably 1996-7. I remember that about 9 months after I got my first SLR, an Olympus OM-G (Yes! Actual model name.), one of my friends got a new, consumer grade Canon autofocus, auto-advance SLR. I can’t recall the model name/number, but I really wanted that camera. And now I’m jonesing for a manual focus lens. Stupid.

I wasn’t sure I wanted this shot as I was just playing around with the macro focus of the 100mm lens. I like the almost stealth-like needles against the sandstone. The background isn’t quite dark enough, but the depth of field is what made me take a second and third look at this one. The bases of the needles are cool looking, almost like something growing underwater.

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Affirmation: Don’t give up now.