NetNewsWire & dooce® Feed

Is being not so nice with Leopard on my MacBook Pro. Brings the machine to a crawl, especially when it spits out every single feed item of every single subscription that it fetches to Growl (even turned off!). The console.log is full of thousands of lines of information that NetNewsWire is sending needlessly to Growl. I turned off Growl for NetNewWire, but it . But more germane to the issue at hand, if you use NetNewsWire to read the dooce feeds and you’ve tried using:

You may not have success. Instead, subscribe using this:


Let me know if that helps. It worked for me using NetNewsWire 3. Right before I shut it down and opened something else that didn’t kill my system.

If you are brave, you can grab a beta version of NetNewsWire here. This is beta software, so caveats abound. The feed works without editing in build 3.1b31.