Papa Don’t Leave

Papa Don’t Leave

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Infographic showing paternity leave around the world: | Infographic: Papa Don't Leave (Flash version)

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The United States is at the bottom. Surprise! Another stake in the heart of so-called family values.

When my first was born, I really saw just how anti-family the corporate world is, even in this state. Mom stays home. Dad works. The end. I will say that the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act played a role in my ability to be at home during a period of intense crisis. Most men in the U.S. don’t take the leave that is legally provided. While it is unpaid leave, if you know you are going to be a father, you can plan for your leave and save. I was unaware back then that the leave act didn’t just cover birth or adoption, but also family members with serious health conditions.

Hat tip: Caleb Gardner’s Twitter feed.