Photography Decathlon

Photography Decathlon

Back in 2012, I vowed to get out more and shoot more. As a result, I reached out on social media and did a few photographycentric outings and I think my photography improved by leaps and bounds. Bonus: met new people!

The weekend of the Scott Jarvie photowalk was a blast and a badly needed shot in the butt. As a result of that weekend and our talks about social media and the changing nature of photography, Scott shared some ideas with me about an event he wanted to do that turned photography into a friendly, but serious competition. As soon as I heard it, I jumped in. I did a sales deck, we started looking at hotels for a sponsors to have a show floor with booths. I went to the Google+ photo conference put on by Scott Kelby to see how the bigs did it. Google put on a good show, but the real credit goes to Kelby & company.

I said to Scott then that I felt the event could be big and be a life-changer for him. I’m not sure that was the best thing to tell him at that time, but I believed it then and I still believe it. The event lost steam as all the volunteers (me included) splintered and got back to day jobs and the realization that  autumn deadline was just too close. Understandably, Jarvie tabled the decathlon.

Until the spring of 2015. I was beyond thrilled to get a message from Jarvie telling me that he was all in on the decathlon. The Salt Lake City 2015 Photo Decathlon starts tonight at 9pm. It’s going to be a couple of days of insane shooting and learning. I can’t wait!

I’m hoping to have some sweet outtakes to share and hoping that the Photo Decathlon turns into something big.

Congratulations, Scott Jarvie! You’ve worked your ass off for this and you deserve all of the great things that will surely come your way.