Pike Place & Pine Street

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Pike Place & Pine Street

Love the texture and fading of the green paint. As the priority on this trip to Seattle was to see family & friends, I’ll be needing to head back up to do more shooting. It was nice just to walk around for a few hours on Saturday, thinking that I should buy some seafood until I remembered that half of my hosts are not fans of seafood. And then I realized that even the flowers are grown down the road from their house. So I wandered through the market, dodging tourists like me.

* * *

Ready to have your mind blown? What if, instead of Morpheus and Neo being separate people, they are the same person? And what if that single person is actually us? That we live in a dreamworld until we take the right pill to expose us to reality? And what does that pill look like if all of the preceding is true? Purple?

Yeah. I thought so.


I just showed Leta Mystery Men. In desperation, I bought a copy of it at a truck stop in Green River, Utah when we were on the road to Colorado. Leta didn’t pack any movies for the trip. The truck stop actually had a pretty good movie selection if your tastes skew toward suspense and gunplay. Which, hell yes, I am a fan, but The Way of the Gun and A History of Violence aren’t appropriate for a kid.

So Mystery Men. She made it about 20 minutes in on the road trip and then we finally finished it over the weekend after Marlo had gone to sleep. Leta chose to watch it, with no prodding whatsoever. I learned my lesson after trying to view Time Bandits with her. Too soon. I am patient. The work of Terry Gilliam will be shared eventually.

I had to do some explaining about the subtleties of sarcasm and irony and satire and inverted plot points and who Tom Waits really is. I’m dropping Bone Machine on her in a few days. I know I’m crazy, but after hearing no end of shit from my friends about my Rdio feed on Facebook, it’s time to up the ante.

I think she can handle this one, my favorite off the album:

* * *

Affirmation: Open your eyes. Open them wide.