ProTip: Getting Scheduled Posting Working in WordPress

I’ve had an off/on relationship with scheduled posting on Some times it works, sometimes it doesn’t. I gave up on it in 2009 when I was crazy busy stumbling around sleepily and changing poopy diapers every 30 minutes (daily average).

Today, for the first time in awhile, I had a spare moment to see what was going on and what could possibly be causing this. Imagine, looking on the internet to solve a problem about how to schedule posting. On the internet.

Search yielded this page; in particular, this comment left by this member:

…modifying the timeout in wp-includes/cron.php.
Approximately in the line number 205 I changed

wp_remote_post ($cron_url, Array (' timeout' => 0.01, ' blocking' => false));

To 20 seconds:

wp_remote_post ($cron_url, Array (' timeout' => 20, ' blocking' => false));

It’s work for me. I hope help you.

It also works for me. What a life saver! Thanks Marlimant!

Hopefully you’ll see more regular image posts from me, internet friends.

Caveat: Your mileage may vary.

Caveat II: hacking core files on any software is ill-advised, because once you upgrade, you’ll likely have to repeat the hack. Still, SCHEDULED POSTING IS ON. Happy Friday!

NOTE Friday, September 24, 2010: In WordPress 3.0, the line to change is approximately numbered 234. Ha.