Reasons to like Utah I

Many many dirt roads.
Virgin no more.
Photo by Heather Armstrong.

  • Anonymous

    The Utah hick is coming out! let it be free!

  • Bryan

    Hey, at least you have a vehicle that can handle it.

  • megchem

    Woohoo! Believe it or not my road in LA turns into dirt, but not the good utah dirt….endless miles and miles of it, with meteor-sized-divots. Woo hoo!

  • julie

    Chuck had better be strapped tight in his car seat!!!!

  • Keith

    Whatever you do, do not get a Ford Explorer. That pansy-ass P.O.S. can’t handle anything more than gently rolling hills, or else you’ll bust the chassis wide open and crack the axles. Thankfully, I never had one, but I was able to laugh at a couple of friends who pretended they could go off-roading in theirs. “Where’s your truck today? In the shop? Again?”

  • Splinter

    That picture looks like a car commercial. Your wife’s talented.

  • occasional kate

    woo hoo! when she looks like that (talkin’ bout the hill on the right and the big sky)…

  • robin

    is your terra a supercharge? me & the boy have a 2001 se and love, love, love it!

    also have very awesome pics of offroading, and there are some cool terra rings around, too.

  • Dave Thomas

    Do you really call it a terra? That just seems like too puny a word to be contracting. Maybe you also enjoy treme sports?

  • porkchop

    Oh yeah, now you’ve arrived because you have your fancy SUV. Don’t forget that we used to make it around No. Utah just fine back in the day in your parent’s station wagon. What kind of gas milage do you get? What’s that? About 5 mpg? That’s not so bad for the environment you’re tearing up with your Wilderness steel belts. You probably go to the car wash the minute you’re back on pavement. Then to the mall.