reddawn by Jon Armstrong.

Red Dawn

I love that in the midst of rebirth and spring, this lone tree is either sick, dying or just late to the game. As I was trying to get as much detail as possible from the clouds, I was messing with the luminance and saturation of colors. In Lightroom, the top slider is red. That’s as far as I got, because this looks hellish and awesome.

It’s June! Already! When I returned from England, my very ill father told me that from that point forward, my life would move much faster. He was right in one sense. I think the sense of speed comes from the amassing of memories. It feels faster as the years progress because our minds and hearts are full of milestones, detours, trials and stories. Each day we have more to look at, more to recall and the journey through this internal space stretches ever slightly longer. We recall in a time-compressed and time-shifted way; the rewinding and fast forwarding of our lives adds to the sense of speed.

This image isn’t meant to evoke a horrible thing. Or a horrible 1980s movie (being remade). I just thought this looked cool.

Daily affirmation: Time passes. Don’t freak about this.

  • Laura Gaunt

    I took a long stare at this one. Eerie and beautiful and fiery and doomish and hopeful.

  • Sarah R. Bloom

    Nothing sped up time faster than having a kid.
    Fab photo. :)

  • jade771

    Oh, how I wish that I could put today’s affirmation in action. I am constantly freaking about how much time has passed. It just makes me sad.

  • ‘Janet Reynolds’

    I think time passes faster as we get older because we are not having new experiences everyday.  When we are young, we are constantly learning and seeing new things; there is a constant influx of milestones.  Those become farther and fewer between as we age, and since the time in between them is less memorable, it gets compressed.  Trust me, as a senior citizen, I have given this a lot of thought . . . 

  • kris martinez

    “I wasn’t scared; I was just somebody else, some stranger, and my whole life was a haunted life, the life of a ghost. I was halfway across America, at the dividing
    line between the East of my youth and the West of my future, and maybe that’s
    why it happened right there and then, that strange red afternoon.”
    Jack Kerouac, On The Road

  • PandoraHasABox

    I once had a near death experience, and my whole life flashed in front of my eyes. Time is incredibly subjective, especially when it has been compressed into the space of seconds.

    This image is fantastic.  Some photos need to be tweaked to tell the story properly.

    • blurb

      Thanks for sharing and thanks for the compliment!