Sun Flared Leaves

Sun Flared Leaves
October 22, 2012 Jon Armstrong
Sunflare Leaves by Jon Armstrong.

My shooting schedule and ideal leaf/weather days are not working out this year. With the sun going down earlier and earlier, the best time to get shots like this in the city is around 11:30 am. Most of the mountain leaves have changed and fallen, so I’m left with urban leaves and narrow time windows to capture images.

When I stopped to shoot this, I didn’t have the big camera, just my iPhone. And I was bummed, because by the time I got my camera, the sky was cloudy and the light was gone. Moral: Always have the big camera.

Still, this isn’t too bad. I’m always amazed when I pull up images on my computer and I have to remind myself that I worked on a variety of print publications that routinely used lower resolution images with a narrower dynamic range. Moral: Don’t whine. Enjoy what nature brings, doof.

* * *

Affirmation: Each moment with a three year old is a gift. Repeat ad infinitum. Unclench teeth with each recitation.

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