The Guardian: NHS v U.S. GOP Liars

Is public healthcare in the UK as sick as rightwing America claims?

Via: Gruber’s Daring FIreball.

The claim

Ted Kennedy, 77, would not be treated for his brain tumour if he was in Britain because he is too old – Charles Grassley, Republican senator from Iowa.

The response

Untrue, says the Department of Health. ‘There is no ban on anyone of any age receiving any treatment,’ said a spokesman. ‘Whether to prescribe drugs or recommend surgery is rightly a clinical decision taken on a case by case basis.'”

Grassley is fueling a fire of stupid and lies (Via: Talking Points Memo. ). Yay for discourse in the U.S.! Yay for the party of do-nothing! Yay for the party of “NO!” Yay for the party of we-want-to-keep-you-scared-entertained-and-enslaved-to-corporate-overlords”.