Typical GOP II: We’ll do anything to stay in power

‘Robocalls’ are latest in negative campaigning

“Hi. I’m calling with information about Melissa Bean …”

Then she got the call again and again and 18 more times, making for a total of about 21 calls since October 24.

“They are very annoying,” Ronen said.

Pat Vockeroth, of Mount Prospect, received the calls too — “Hi. I’m calling with information about Tammy Duckworth …”

“If you only listen to the first sentence, you think they are from the Duckworth campaign,” she said.

But the calls aren’t paid for by Bean, Duckworth or even the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, they are paid for by the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The GOP can’t win on issues or its record (Iraq, Abromoff, Foley, DeLay, Ney, et. al.), so tries this dirty tactic to suppress voter turnout. Of course, the GOP lies and says that it’s a computer glitch that the calls happen to the same people over and over. Par.

Via: Talking Points Memo