Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Utah Capitol Sunset - 2013, architecture, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L USM, Jon Armstrong blog, Jon Armstrong photography, photography, Salt Lake City, sunset, Utah, Utah State Capitol, winter

Utah State Capitol at Sunset

Was headed up to my favorite spot behind the Capitol to take some sunset shots and decided after driving by this scene every time I went to shoot, the light was finally right. I didn’t plan it, but the best shot was this one, showing two planes simultaneously taking off in the distance.

Things are continuing to shift in my professional world. I’ll share that in a separate post. It’s good.

Finally, a ProTip: The happier you present yourself, the weirder the trolls get.

  • Manda Hohmann

    Beautiful shot!! And ha! (re: the trolls). I hope you also get lots more happiness returned to you, as well, and not just crazy people.

  • Will Adam

    Stunning! Absolutely fantastic shot. I love it.

  • americanrecluse

    This is a lovely photo. There’s an awful lot going on in it.

  • Anita Blanchard

    The trolls get weirder but the rest of us go WOOHOO!

  • Angeerah

    Beautiful! Totally unrelated, I worked at the Huntsman Cancer Institute when I lived in SLC and had the perfect view of the city and the airport. I loved watching the planes coming in and taking off. The most surreal experience was on 9/11 when they started calling planes in to land shortly after the terrorist acts.