Heather touched on her disdain for black licorice very briefly in this post and in this one she refers to it as “The Worst Tasting Taste In all of Tasteland”. I’ve only purchased it three times in the five years we’ve been together and I generally eat it at least 40 feet away and brush my teeth afterwards.

After discovering that Leta had been served black licorice at the hand of her stepgrandfather, I wondered if, given her food issues, she’d want to try it again. I bought a bag of Twizzler® black licorice bites at the grocery store this week. Yesterday during our afternoon snack time I gave Leta some goldfish crackers and a single red Twizzler strand and I grabbed a few nubbins of the black licorice and popped them in my mouth within view of Leta. She watched very closely as if to check that I wasn’t eating M&M’s without her and then replied, “I would like… black.”

Stunned, I replied, “You REALLY want black licorice? Not red? Black? Really? Leta, I will get you some, because that is at least six hundred elephants of awesome.”


She loves the stuff. Loves it. Today was not different, and I got her to pronounce licorice (liquorlish). Then I died from the cuteness. Then I was resurrected by the power of discovery that Leta and I are now an unstoppable licorice team. We have something we can share on road trips and family events.

I’m not sure, but I think I’m getting close to swaying Heather on the black licorice issue. And if I can’t sway her, maybe Leta can. I’m prepared for the years of waiting on this one. Because now I have a tiny smidge of leverage. At long last.