We’ll Kick You Out if You Disagree

Mormon Church: “We encourage all members to vote. We are neutral. p.s. We are lying, particularly the part about staying neutral.”

Member: “I disagree with that political stance. I’m going to say so on my website and encourage other Mormons to write letters about their own disagreement.”

Mormon Church: “You disagree? See you in church court (see also). P.S., we have our own pro-Proposition 8 website. P.P.S., our ad claims that acceptance of gay marriage is “mandatory. P.P.S. our site is run by these guys (via). ”


To my Mormon friends: I feel for you. This can’t be easy. Still, you have a voice. I encourage you to use it to stop your church from abusing it’s tax exempt status as well as to stop lying about how it handles politics.

Other voices:

Mormons for Proposition 8, particularly this post.
Mormons for Marriage

It’s not all bad news. Also.

If you live in California, are you opposing Prop 8 or for it? If your church asked you to support something you disagreed with, what would you do?