What: Anti-Fart Pad

From the product description page:

Laced with activated charcoal, these ingenious (but not particularly sexy) adhesive pads help neutralize even the most odoriferous of releases. Just think, no more embarrassing silent-but-deadlies midmeeting or blaming that noxious smell on the dog. They’re surely a lifesaver for anyone suffering from intestinal issues …


Anti-Fart Pad.

I wonder if these work? I’m asking for a friend.

  • Naomi Shadix


  • americanrecluse

    oh my god. oh my god. I may faint.

  • kris martinez

    revolutionary. do they come in rubber?

  • Ann

    hysterical! I seriously may need to invest in some for my 8 year old! :)

  • Ryan Waddell

    I feel like I remember hearing about something like this a million years ago. But instead of being pads that you stick to your undies, it was actual undies with a built in filter. It was one of those “crazy in the news” stories on the radio, back when I actually listened to the radio. :) But I don’t see these particular ones working very well with boxers. Bunchy!

  • suhud

    Ok…so I bought these as a semi-joke for my guy several years ago and let me just tell you….they don’t work. Much.

  • Amy Shouse

    Do they come with a silencer?

  • Kelli Wilhite

    Hilarious. I might have my white elephant gift for x-mas this year.

  • Shannon Marie

    … or, you could just omit foods that cause gas from your diet. 😉

  • applyliberally

    i say let ’em rip (the toots, that is).

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