About to Open

I’ll probably post more bare trees this spring. I needed to take as many photos as I could of bare trees this year.

I’ve been drawn to sharp contrasts.

  • americanrecluse

    Beautiful! They look like lots of arms reaching, reaching, reaching.

  • AbolishIgnorance

    This one is the one where I ask when you’re going to start selling prints. Love it is a weak sentiment in regards to how I reacted to it. Breathtaking may nail it.

    • blurb

      Hit it. You should see a buy print link under the photo. Use coupon code 51B470 for a 50% off early-bird special. 

      The first 10 orders will get the discount.

  • Renee

    Beautiful and a little haunting.  I just made this the wallpaper to my computer.

  • luna_tuna

    that’s gorgeous! :)