Killer Mexican Food

Killer Mexican Food
April 16, 2012 Jon Armstrong

A sign of a Salt Lake City institution. People will debate all kinds of things about the Red Iguana. The important thing is that they are debating. I will say that they need to turn up the heat on their moles. The taste is good, but I want spicy to counter the sweet. Nevertheless, the lines are still there from 5pm on until closing. It’s a shame the liquor laws in Utah are so tight, because this food screams for a higher octane margarita.

I love the incandescent bulbs here. I shot this at 3200 ISO. I owe the outcome of that high ISO to Lightroom. All the way. ƒ10! I wanted all the bulbs in the frame to be as in focus as I could get them. EDIT: it is a bit noisy up in the text of the sign. But focus on the lightbulbs.

Daily affirmation: Introspection is great. But execution is better, even if you fail.

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